Helping Arizona Businesses Grow

Infuse Legal Protection At The Core Of Your Business

Business owners are constantly pulled in multiple directions – whether they need to focus on product launches, develop brand strategy or protect their competitive advantage. With the demands of business ownership, time comes at a premium. However, the legal matters that a business may face require complete concentration.

Saddleworth Law allows business owners to focus on their many tasks by offloading the burden of legal concerns. Our experienced commercial law attorneys are ready to do the strenuous work involved with researching and addressing complex issues for you. We provide counsel to enterprises and entrepreneurs across Arizona.

Dedicated To Balanced Business Success

Our business law services include:

  • Business startup formation
  • Drafting, negotiation and review of contracts
  • Regulatory compliance counsel for safety, employment, finance and other business needs
  • Human resources training and employment policy creation
  • Due diligence for business and real estate transactions
  • Professional licensing guidance

Intricate business matters require commitment. We devote our full attention to strengthening your business across all the legal needs you have. Our team will carefully coordinate your legal strategies with your business goals.

Risk Management Can Prevent Costly Disputes

Part of our focus within business law is mitigating disputes. To help clients avoid potential conflicts and violations, we work to create thorough agreements and shape business practices. When making an important business decision, our lawyers can examine issues such as unfavorable contract terms.

Being proactive to protect the business is often more cost-effective and expedient than facing a potential lawsuit later. We find strategies to minimize liability for disputes involving consumers, business partners, internal stakeholders and government entities.

If a dispute does arise, our trial attorneys are effective litigators. We have deep experience in business litigation, as well as resolving conflict without a lawsuit through alternative forms of dispute resolution. Our team takes the time and effort to incorporate existing risk management strategies into a comprehensive trial strategy.

Consult With A Skilled Business Law Attorney

We have provided counsel to businesses across a variety of industries. Schedule a consultation with one of our Phoenix-based lawyers at Saddleworth Law by calling 480-877-1301. You can also email us to start a conversation.