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Finding Successful Alternatives To Litigation

Going to trial is not always the best choice when lawsuits arise. In situations where parties are willing to engage amicably and operate in good faith, alternatives can be pursued to resolve disputes without the time and expense of going to court. This frees businesses like yours to spend their resources on priorities such as growing their business.

At Saddleworth Law, we have a proven ability to favorably resolve disputes for businesses, LLCs and other entities in Phoenix and throughout Arizona. The same dedication and skills we bring to preparing cases for trial are instrumental in our ability to successfully resolve disputes through processes such as mediation and arbitration. We approach each case with a fresh perspective and make sure a vigorous cost-benefit analysis is conducted so our clients can move forward with confidence to the next step, whether that is alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

Why Alternative Dispute Resolution?

We recognize that there are situations where litigation is necessary to protect the interests of our clients and effectively resolve a legal dispute. In cases where one party is simply unwilling to engage in a good-faith negotiation, it can actually be more cost-effective to proactively litigate than to pursue alternative dispute resolution. However, mediation and arbitration can resolve disputes with considerable cost savings both in terms of financial cost and time spent. For example, there is a cost to waiting many months or even years for a lawsuit to get on a court calendar, let alone be resolved. This cost comes in the form of aggravation and disruption to your business.

Custom Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Whether your LLC is faced with a contractual dispute, real estate dispute or construction dispute, you can rely on our experienced attorneys to leave no stone unturned in preparing and executing a successful legal strategy. We collaborate directly with our clients, so you can look forward to having the ear of your attorney throughout the process.

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